Garden Update

Arriving in mid-September, we were just in time to begin planting a few garden beds. Now, summer is in full swing and the garden is coming along nicely with kale, beetroot, snow peas and beans now regularly harvested. But pictures tell the story better, and pictures with captions better still!

The ‘main’ garden bed. The bed is not quite deep enough but everything seems to be growing well enough.

Tomatoes should be ready for eating soon.
Daisy’s, Zucchini and pumpkin is growing well together

The broad leaves hide many a rogue zucchini

We have planted this bed very densely. Everything is doing well, but perhaps some are getting suppressed?

I mixed compost mix with an empty bed and planted with discount seedlings ($1.50 for 6!) 

Watering the new seedlings
Another new bed inbetween an agapanthus and the old concrete water tank
 A good variety of flowers are in bloom, giving a good feed for the bumble bees



  1. Hi Damo,

    Watch out that those broad leaves aren't hiding feral Triffid's! You just never know.

    You know, the gardens look to be running at about the same stage as here, except yours are greener. Good stuff. How are you finding the difference between the climate and soils there and how do they compare to the West Coast of Tassie?



  2. Thanks Pam, but I can only take credit for the new garden beds. Lets see how they go over the next couple of months!


  3. Hi Chris,

    Maybe not triffids, but definitely large zucchini. Mrs Damo harvests early and doesn't let me get any marrow. I got a 4.5kg one out of the last garden in Tasmania and want to beat it!

    The gardens (and soil I presume) have a more english feel here than Tasmania, although they are both somewhat similar climate with a dry summer and wet winter.



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