That’s not a knife

In this weeks exciting edition of ‘excuses for why I haven’t done much with the boat’, our hero travels to Nelson, has some lunch and is given a knife!
Ex-Cyclone Gita closed the coast road, so I was forced to take the inland route
These enterprising folk bough some land on a popular tourist road and opened a ‘permanent’ food van. The council closed them down a couple of years back, now they are open again in mysterious circumstances
One day my boat will look as good as this… (cough)
Is it a saw? A knife? What should I cut with it? So many questions…
Exciting news, I have started on the side pieces for boat number two! That’s right, one boat is clearly not taking enough time, so I have upped the stakes!
Finally, I have some exciting news. A short story I completed a few weeks back has been accepted into an anthology of stories set in the solar system of yesteryear. Think jungles on Venus, dusty taverns on Mars and strange cloud like beings on Neptune. For more information and a full list of authors check out the Solar System Heritage website.


  1. Hi Damo,

    The saw is interesting as the blades are curved first one way and then the other. I suspect that it will chop through timber pretty quickly. A chainsaw works in a similar arrangement. Mate, the steel used in it looks superb! You'll need a round file to keep it sharp, but fortunately a round hand file for chainsaws looks like it might do the trick. Have you used it yet?



  2. Hi Chris,

    I mean, it looks like it will cut wood pretty good. But the finish of the steel matches a kitchen implement. Perhaps it is some sort of bone saw?



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