Family Ties

Enroute to Middle Earth

Another month, another set of excuses for lack lustre boat progress. In my defence, I am like, really busy. And, this time I was distracted by the arrival of my siblings from Australia who stayed for two weeks. This entailed many trips around the South Island (the ‘real’ New Zealand) to such highlights as the land of Rohan from Lord of The Rings, Mt Hutt ski fields, Queenstown and the highlight, Invercargill (cough).

Once my familial duties had being discharged, I was able to proceed with the boat. Or should I say, boats. As I hinted at in the last post, one unfinished boat is for amateurs. I have upgraded to two incomplete project boats. The goal posts have shifted!

The first hull was constructed in a ‘catbox’ configuration. That is to say, there are two skinny compartments running bow to stern. These boxes will be sealed and act as flotation tanks if the boat ever ends up capsized (extremely unlikely with my steady hand on the tiller). The second boat will have the boxes running across the boat rather than lengthways. This will give more room inside, but you won’t have anywhere to sit in the middle of the boat. Confused? It will all make sense when finished!

After trimming the bottom sheet of plywood, I removed a few screws that were not quite flush with the hull. These would cause issues when sanding, plus now that the glue has cured they serve no real purpose anyway. Note, although I know this for a fact, I chose to leave most of the screws in, it feels safer!

The next step was to mill a plank of top quality Bunnings pine into smaller pieces to run as skegs along the bottom. These will protect the hull from scrapes and scratches when beaching on remote and exotic beaches! Today, we also planted garlic a month late (plant on the shortest day, harvest on the longest), but no doubt they will be fine. Winter seems to be over early this year with flowers starting to bloom everywhere. Hopefully it is a false spring, I still have a non-refundable ski field lift pass to use!




  1. Hi, Damo!

    Oh, here you are! August can be a busy times for visitors. Thanks for the fun – and lovely – photos and, slow though I know that it seems, you really are coming along with the boat.



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