Mast Hunter!


Not much has happened on the boat build project since my last update. After a successful navigation of the treacherous Waikato River, and the onset of cooler weather, motivation and time were in short supply. But, way back in the depths of time, a goal was set that must be met. So, next step, retrofit the JigAbout for sail power! The Bouncing Bog can remain a motor powered craft.




First, robust testing of the JigAbout with the DIY oars was completed. It is a little squishy with two when rowing, and the local waterways are full of keen reminders of what the elements does to boats which are left unattended and unloved. After some careful thinking and discussion with local salty seadogs, it was decided that an unstayed bamboo mast with a junk rig might be a good fit.





An added advantage of bamboo, besides being light and easy to work with, is the location of nearby stands within easy reach of a footpath. Free has a quality all of its own, and two suitable pieces were extracted with the use of a trusty hand saw.

There were a few looks from locals as we carried two large bamboo poles up the street, across the park and past the marina. Probably looks of envy, who doesn’t want a large piece of bamboo?



A few minutes with the trusty saw trimmed up the bamboo nicely, then it was time to sweep out the garage and bring in the JibAbout. Fitting a mast will require some critical additions in the next few weeks. A rudder and daggerboard are not optional if you want to go anywhere different from the direction the wind is blowing!



  1. Hi Damo,

    I’m intrigued, and do hope you remember to leave some photos showing how the bamboo mast is attached to the frame of the JibAbout?

    The locals were only staring because they’d never thought of possessing themselves of some of the free bamboo. You may recall the free song:

    “If it’s free,
    It’s for me,
    and I’ll have three”

    Curious, and curioser. A junk rig. 🙂



  2. Hi Chris,

    Never fear, there will be photos aplenty for the mast step process. My plan is for an unstayed mast, which then lead into, why not a junk rig? I have some old curtains made from a material which feels like it could make a good sail. Mrs Damo may be roped into some sewing!

    Well made plans have been shelved thanks to a mild (is there such a thing) case of the ManFlu. It struck on Sunday, and did not mesh well with my trip plans this week, literally driving up and down half the country. Oh well, home now and I plan on doing not much of anything for the weekend 🙂

    I can’t recall the free song, but it does strike me as something a Vancian character might sing. Pragmatic advice in any case 🙂



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